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Little LYNC Preschool & Family Center was established in 2011 in the Potrero Hill neighborhood of San Francisco. We believe that every child possesses unique qualities, which makes them individual learners.  At Little LYNC we recognize each child’s developmental needs and foster his or her own growth and independence. Our center is a nurturing, creative environment where they can learn and explore.


I founded Little LYNC because of the challenges we encountered trying to find the best school that I could for my son.  It was a daunting experience trying to find the right fit for him and my family.  We started to look for schools when he was only 8 months old, only to find out that all the schools that we wanted to enroll in had large wait lists and was told by numerous Directors that we should have started our search when I found out that I was pregnant.

It was at that realization that I wanted to start my own school.  I have worked with an amazing family in San Francisco that funded one of the top preschools in the City for many years and had watched and admired what they were formulating in early childhood education.

I was drawn to the Reggio Emilia play based curriculum and decided that was the type of foundation I wanted my son to be part of.  So my journey began in early 2011.  I was fortunate to have a mixed use property on Potrero Hill and I started the campaign to change the use over to education from commercial and prepared for the meeting with the neighborhood and the City Supervisors and surrounding businesses.  Getting everyone’s approval was difficult and I was met with a lot of resistance.  We won the approval from the City Council and then we had to take on the Planning and Building Departments.  Several months later, our target date to open the doors in May of 2012 became a reality.

The first day we opened the doors to these precious little wonders was amazing.  All the hard work and support from my Director and Teachers, neighbors, friends and new clients resolved into the most incredible feeling of humility and joy.  Those beautiful smiling faces and the sound of squeals and laughter made me realize that my new journey had only just begun.  I realized with my Director and amazing teachers the reach we had to help these beautiful little people and with the wonders of a solid, supportive community, we had the ability to embark on this incredible journey.

These babies are the future, and by giving them a sound foundation to build upon is a truly amazing gift.  We have encountered many challenges, and some difficult issues have arisen in various children.  With my fabulous teaching team we have been able to tap into amazing supportive professionals to help reach the root cause of these individual children and give them the tools to help resolve their issues.  Because we are small and our teacher student ratio is 5:1, we are able to give personal support where it is most needed.  That is what I am most proud of, that we can dedicate the time needed to each of the children every day they are with us.


Our curriculum is play-based, strongly influenced by the Reggio-Emilia approach. According to this philosophy children learn by investigating their environment, hands on experiences encourage critical thinking skills and peer cooperation. It is the children’s interests that determine the curriculum, the teachers act as their facilitators.  We will continue to focus on shapes, colors, sizes and fine motor skills in preparation for transitional kindergarten.

Role of Teacher

Our teachers are considered co-learners and collaborators with children, not just the instructors. Teachers encourage learning by planning activities and lessons based on the children’s interests, asking questions to further understanding, and actively engaging in the activities alongside the children. Teachers are facilitators there to observe, assist, and guide the children in their hands-on experiences.