Is Little LYNC a Day Care or Preschool Program?

If you have reviewed the article on the 5 main differences between a Day Care and Preschool:

  1. Operating hours
  2. Ages of children
  3. Philosophy/Curriculum
  4. Parental Involvement
  5. Cost

You will notice that Little LYNC has elements of both, but we possess more characteristics of a Preschool and identify ourselves as one.

Little LYNC fulfills 2 of the 5 criteria of a Day Care, which is our operating hours and our willingness to accept children in diapers or children in the stages of toilet training.

Our operating hours offer families flexibility and convenience. We are open 7 am to 6 pm daily and operate on a year round schedule.

Little LYNC also accepts children in diapers or children in the process of toilet training. We offered this option to ease parents and children from feeling the pressures to complete toilet training before the child showed readiness.

Little LYNC fulfills the other 3 categories of Preschool. We are licensed for preschool aged children 2-6 years old, our curriculum follows a play based Reggio Emilia philosophy, we strongly encourage family participation, and we employee qualified and experienced Teachers.