Mickesha Pusey, Teacher

Mickesha Pusey has always had the passion to work with children, however,  between her first semester in college and last semester, she searched for a different path. She completed two Associate Degrees:  an Associate of Art Degree in Psychology and an Associate of Science in Social and Behavioral Science.  What she thought would be her last semester, she decided to take one Child Development class for fun, and she fell in love all over again.  Working with children is what she wanted to do. She took two more semesters of Child Development classes and earned her Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education. While taking classes, she worked as a substitute teacher where she traveled to different childcare centers. She worked with over 15 childcare centers with children ages 3 months to 5 years old. She then got offered a position as an Infant Toddler floater where she worked with children ages 3 months to 3 years old.

She believes that children learn through exploration, and that they learn by exploring their environment and getting their own understanding of how things work. Children need love and safety where they can explore and know someone will always be there to help. She believes the teacher’s job is to make sure children have the right building blocks to be successful in their developmental stages by planning age appropriate activities and show them love and compassion among other things. She chose to work with children because she believes that their first stages of life are very important, and is what shapes them for the rest of their lives. She wants to be a part of what makes each child brilliant. She believes that she can help make a difference in each child’s life for the better, while helping them build the foundation that makes them who they are.  She wants to help educate them, and help in their developmental stages, and watch them achieve their milestones. She wants to work with children to see them accomplish every goal that they need and should accomplish. She wants each child to be successful, and she has the passion and education to support each child in the process.