New Parent Info

New Parent Information

Welcome to Little Lync childcare & family center! We all remember the first days of school and many of us have questions or are uncertain about the routines. We hope this resource helps you feel more oriented to what happens in your child’s day at school.

Transitioning into the Program

We recommend that families visit the center multiple times prior to your child’s enrollment date. This will allow you to ask the staff questions and your child to become familiar with the new friends, teachers, and environment.
Another tip we recommend for families is to photograph your child’s visits, and when you return home make a book together about school. Looking at these photographs and discussing who s/he met, what activities s/he participated in, and what school is like will create positive thoughts and experiences relating to school. Reviewing this book prior to starting and after will help relieve any worries a child may have.
We also allow children to bring transitional or security items to school. Does your child have a favorite blanket, stuffed animal, or family photo that may soothe him or her? If so you may bring it to school and let the child keep it in his or her cubby.

Got the Drop-off Blues?

The most important thing to remember is that we’ve all been there! Starting school is almost always difficult on both the parent and child. To help ease the drop off we suggest creating a drop off routine. Help get your child engaged in activity before you leave. What does s/he like?

• Are there any children already playing that your child would like to join?
• Does your child like to draw or build? Help him or her get out the supplies.
• Agree to read one short book or complete a 5 piece puzzle together.

As a parent you may feel sadness for your child, or even embarrassed that s/he has created such a scene. Your child may even tell you s/he doesn’t like school and is sad or angry. All these feelings are normal and it will pass.
Drop off can be stressful but the experience is dependent on the personality of the individual child and parents. A few tips that may help:

• Reassure your child that you or your partner will return at the end of the day for pick up. Remind him or her of all the fun activities that occur at school.
• Are there some friends that your child likes a lot? Engage your child with her peers.
• Ask the teachers for help, they can assist you.

It very well may get worse before it gets better. It is common for a child to be excited the first day. A little upset the second day. On the third day it could be a mess. It may continue to get worse for a week or even more. Eventually it will turn around. How you feel about the experience will translate into how your child may feel. Keeping a positive attitude (even when it’s hard) will show your child how to handle the new experience. Don’t give up!