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“Little Lync has been another home for our 2 year old daughter: the small, human-size setting, the extraordinary care and love from the teachers and the community of parents and kids made it a HIT with my daughter. It’s simple: she loves it, and has learnt so much in just a few months. She now counts to 10 in two languages, and her language skills have been through the roof. We are particularly impressed with the fluid, fun mix of panful activities and embedded learning. The kids are happy, and learning from each other, from the activities and having a great time making friends and doing arts, cooking, biking, reading, dancing, etc. We could not have been happier than with Little lync. ”

Cecile A, PastParent

We are thankful we were able to enroll Lily into Little Lync. The teachers are amazing and very attentive. Lily has learned so much and continues to learn more and more each day. We especially value the exposure she is getting to art, music, foreign language, and healthy food (including how to cook!). She has made some great friends there and really enjoys getting up in the morning and going to school. I would definitely recommend Little Lync!

Dea L, Past Parent

We have been part of the Little LYNC community for 2.5 years. Both of our kids have thrived there. It is a loving and nurturing community for our kids and for us. The curriculum is solid. My older son left knowing how to write the alphabet, count in Spanish and French, and question the world and how it works. The teachers communicate very well and work with us. My younger son was in speech therapy when he started Little LYNC and the teachers worked with him daily, encouraging him to use his words. He made tremendous progress in his speech within a short time at Little LYNC, which I attribute to the teachers' involvement and persistence. I also like the mixed-age environment where the little ones learn from the older ones, and the older ones get to teach. I would recommend Little LYNC to any parent!

Megan G, Past Parent

Little LYNC is the hidden preschool gem of San Francisco. We were lucky enough to be some of the first parents to attend and I cannot say enough great things about the staff and curriculum. They supported my son through the last phase of potty training all the way up to Transitional Kindergarten. One of the best benefits of attending was the workshop they hosted by Parents for Public Schools. The things I learned were essential to my successful navigation of the SFUSD lottery. Their Reggio-Emilia approach aptly prepared us for the SF Public Montessori school. In his Spanish Immersion aftercare, the teachers mentioned how far along he was even on the first day (knowing numbers, colors, letters, days of the week, etc.), and I fully credit the Spanish language foundation he received in the weekly lessons at Little LYNC. The parents were a great community as well, with frequent birthday parties and the occasional all-you-can-eat pizza night down the hill at Goat Hill pizza.

Terry B, Past Parent

We and our soon-to-be 3 year old have loved Little Lync! She joined right after turning 2, and it was truly amazing to see the explosion in words and socialization that immediately kicked off. The staff is fantastic, and we have always found LL to be a great mix of learning and fun. We love that the kids of different ages are all mixed together and really feel that our daughter has learned so much from being around older kids, and vice versa. Our daughter literally pushes us out the door when we drop her off, which (while a little sad for us) pretty much says it all about how much she likes it.

Brian K, Current Parent

We enrolled our daughter at Little Lync when she just turned two. In less than two weeks, we noticed significant development leaps - particularly in her socio-emotional behavior. Her language also flourished immediately and she began regularly using phrases taught at school to describe her feelings - “I need space,” “I’m a little too shy to say hi,” “I’m a little bit frustrated” - all of which have helped her communicate her challenges clearly in lieu of tantrums. The teachers are warm and loving and have become like family to us. The parent community is tight-knit, like-minded and very friendly as well. Our daughter is so happy at Little Lync and has undoubtedly made lasting friendships that will continue into school years. We highly recommend Little Lync to anyone interested in a traditional preschool program, with the intimacy and attention of an in-home environment.

Josina H, Current Parent

We are so grateful to Little LYNC for taking care of our 2 year old daughter, Alexis, for the past seven months. She came to Little LYNC knowing no English, having never attended daycare or school, and being one of the youngest kids. The staff have taken great care of her; they have been vital partners in helping her learn how to nap, how to share, play well with others, and speak English in just a few months (pretty amazing, actually). Having her there for three days a week has been a perfect fit with our schedule. We especially love that Little LYNC is just a short walk from our home in Potrero, charges reasonable prices, and that she gets to interact with a wide range of ages in a diverse setting. Not sure what we would do without Little LYNC for the past year!

Warren C, Current Parent

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