Q & A


Q: What should I pack for lunch?

A: Parents can pack hot or cold items for their child. It’s best to keep it simple. Lunch ideas:
• Pasta, rice, soup
• Quesidillas, burritos
• Hot dogs cut into sticks or small pieces
• Sandwiches
• Deli meat/cheese/crackers
• Hummus & pita
• All fresh fruit
• All fresh vegetables
• Rice cakes
• Yogurt

Q: Is peanut butter allowed?

A: No-peanut butter and other nut products are not allowed at Little LYNC, due to the amount of children with nut allergies. Please do not pack any nut products in your child’s lunch. When we have potlucks at school please do not bring any dishes with nut products. For those children who like PB & J, try Soy or Sunflower butter, which tastes similar but is made without nuts and is safe for those with allergies.

Be careful too when reading labels of products that claim they are nut free because some are made in factories which also make nut items!


Q: What kind of bedding should I bring for nap time?

A: Your child will sleep on a small mat. They can use any kind of blanket or pillow they find comfortable. You must provide an item to cover the mat completely. Many children have light sleeping bags, or nap mats that include a built in pillow. Please write their name on their pillow and bedding –these can be difficult to tell apart.


Q: My child seems to be wearing different clothes than when I dropped him or her off, where are the dirty ones?

A: Wet or dirty clothes will be in a Ziploc bag in your child’s cubby.

Q: How do I know if my child needs more diapers or extra clothing?

A: Teachers appreciate it if you keep an eye on the supply stored in your child’s cubby. If it gets to low they will give you a verbal reminder or leave a note in your mailbox.


Q: What does homework entail?

A: Usually this means that a child will bring a requested item to school such as a letter, shape, or number to share during circle times. When cooking projects are planned you may be asked to bring an ingredient or art supplies for special projects. When possible, please let your child help choose the item. The homework is partly for the child’s benefit, but it is also an opportunity for the parents to keep abreast of their child’s skill development.

Q: Can my child bring toys or items from home?

A: No, we prefer all personal items be left at home. If your child needs to bring a transitional item to school such as a blanket or stuffed animal, that is acceptable. Children may bring books to read and share with their friends either during circle time or during story times during the day. Music children would like to share can be played during circle time, free time, or can be listened to at the Listening Center on the headphones. You are welcome to bring a book or music to share any day of the week.


Q: How can I volunteer at a special event?

A: Visit the volunteer page for the schedule and sign up opportunities. Remember all volunteers must undergo a criminal background clearance prior to volunteering.

Q: What happens on Potluck Days?

A: Over the course of the year, the school will host potluck lunches. Parents are invited to participate in the event or contribute an item to the menu. A few days before the potluck, the school will put out a sign- up sheet for food contributions. The school suggests a menu, and parents sign up for a particular dish or item. The school asks that each parent try to attend at least one potluck per year.

At the potluck, the parents help set up the food, serve it, and then sit down to enjoy lunch themselves! Parents are also asked to volunteer to help clean up too.

Q: Should I pack my child lunch on a Potluck Day?

A: The menus for Potluck Days are pretty kid friendly, however if your child is a picky eater you are welcome to pack his/her own lunch.

Q: What happens on Field Trip days?

A: The school will inform the parents on the date, time, and destination of the field trip. Usually a bag lunch will need to be included-so easy to travel and eat items are best. (A backpack to hold lunch is recommended). Do not pack food that will need to be heated.
If you are a volunteer for the field trip you will chaperone your child and also be assigned other children that do not have a parent attending. You are responsible for the safety and supervision of those children the entire field trip. Your role will be “Teacher for the day” so to speak. Be sure all students stay together and follow the directions from the teachers.

Q: I came to school for a potluck or field trip and my child whined and misbehaved. What should I do?

A: For different reasons children may not listen, misbehave, or become clingy to a parent more than usual. The behavior will likely subside once you’ve volunteered a few times. In the meantime, discuss the expectations you have for him or her while you are a volunteer at preschool and this should be helpful.