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I joined Little LYNC Preschool in December 2011 and we opened in June of 2012. It has been a great learning experience opening a new facility and I'm glad to say that as the years have passed we have been able to develop a strong preschool program to serve the families of Potrero Hill. Although we are a small center we have a great environment that promotes exploration and learning. Our low ratios encourage strong bonds between the children and the teachers and our families appreciate our "home-like" atmosphere.The Little LYNC staff are very experienced educators and are a pleasure to work with on a daily basis. Our families are wonderful; they are supportive of the preschool, and are active in our community. The center is unique and the intimate setting creates a nice introduction for a young child's first experience away from home.

Naomi Corson, Director (12/11 to 10/15)

The three years that I worked as the Assistant Director of Little LYNC Preschool were some of the most enjoyable that I have had in the field of early childhood education. When Timberly hired me, it was clear that she respected and valued my input. While she had a strong vision of what she wanted, she allowed the Director and I to put into practice our ideas based on our experience and in turn we were able to develop the foundation of Little LNYC and foster its community. With her support, we were able to focus on working together with our teachers, students, and families to make the school a great place for everyone. At Little LYNC, I flourished professionally while working with a strong group of early childhood professionals. We became something of a family, and I can only hope that the interactions with my future employers can be as pleasant.

Matt Gabard, Assistant Director (12/11 to 3/15)

I love the warm and loving environment that Little LYNC has and the fact that it not only focuses on the academics but supports children's imagination, gives importance to play and social interaction and develops every child's unique talent. Teachers have good camaraderie and parents are very supportive, nice and caring. I like teaching and find it very challenging but also rewarding at the same time...one of my favorite things is watching the children's eyes light up when they realize they have accomplished something new like learning how to tie a shoelace or zipping up their jackets to clipping up their helmets before riding their trikes. Every day is different and there is always something to look forward to.

Melody F. Leon, Teacher (7/13 to present)

I enjoy working at Little LYNC because the entire staff is wonderful and we all get along great. The small environment helps create special bonds between the teachers and children that you will not get in a large school environment. Little LYNC is a fun and safe place to be and I can’t wait to bring my daughter here when she turns two next September!

Amy Hendix, Teacher (1/13 to present)

I have been working at Little LYNC since September of 2015. When I joined I not only became part of a team, but instead I felt like I joined a community. Since I started, I have learned an abundance of information from the staff and the owner, Timberly. Working for her has been the greatest pleasure. She truly thrives on maintaining a happy staff, community, and upholding her vision and passion she has for children! She values the staff’s opinion, knowledge, and experience and allows us to demonstrate those aspects into our curriculum and environment. Working here, I have felt I have been given the freedom to display my strengths freely and promote the best possible education for the children in our care. Working with the team closely, I was able to tell right away, that Timberly truly takes time in hiring staff members that are well educated, passionate, motivated, and professional. I have absolutely LOVED working for Little LYNC and am so thankful I was given this opportunity in my career.

Tanya Pisani, Program Director (9/15-01/19)

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